Automated Activity Tracking

Automated Activity Tracking

Algospark offers a suite of computer vision tracking solutions that automatically capture activities in and around physical locations.

  • Customer experience measurement - interaction, dwell and customer journey.
  • Production and on-display product counts - intra-day product availability.
  • Site activity measurement - footfall counts of passing traffic and customers.
  • Task activity measurement - to help optimize planning, scheduling, training and labour efficiency.

Our automated activity tracking solutions are tailored to client requirements. They allow new ways of monitoring and measuring business performance. Automated activity tracking solutions ensure consistent and accurate metrics. They also remove tedious form filling and data preparation challenges.

We work with clients to design and implement the best camera installations, footage capture, data processing, applied AI models, insight generation, data storage and dashboarding solutions.

Customer Experience Measurement

Customer activity and engagement is at the heart of building great customer experiences. We work with site designers, creative agencies, property teams and marketing to define what aspects of the customer experience to capture in store.

We enable measurement of metrics such as:

  • Time spent in store
  • Product / service engagement – with what and how long (dwell)
  • Time spent on specific activities at a site such as search, queuing and service interaction
  • Flow maps to help determine optimal design
  • Attention grab and interaction time for specific areas of a site
  • Seating use

Customer Experience Views

Production and Display Counts

Production counts automatically detect what has been produced and when. This saves the time and tedium of manually logging and managing activities using forms.

Capturing production counts enables:

  • Production efficiency analysis - planned vs actual production which generates insights on how easy plans are to follow and labour usage.
  • Combining with sales data generates insights on how long products are on display and product availability for any given part of the day.
  • Significant time saving on form filling.

Product counts using camera feeds at the point of production. Another approach is to use camera feeds at the point of service, ie when they are on display. This enables analysis of when products have been available at any given time and for how long during the day.

Production and Display Views

Site Activity Measurement

Measures people passing by and entering sites.

  • Provides site activity metrics
  • Generate passer-by to customer conversion metrics
  • Site activity benchmarking
  • Activity to sales benchmarking

Site Activity Views

Task Activity Measurement

Task activity measurement uses camera feeds to capture activities. For example in a store, worker activity at the till, managing and replenishing a display would provide valuable insight into work patterns and work requirements. This means that labour planning, scheduling and training can be managed in a much more efficient way.

Another example is in the kitchen of a restaurant where specific activities such as food preparation, equipment use and cleaning can be monitored and optimised.

Production and Display Views