Map Explorer for Location Analytics

Map Explorer is a free visualisation tool for UK wide views of key location metrics.

The demo version includes data on demography, house prices and concentration of eateries. It is an interactive tool that provides data at the national level and pop-up data at the postcode level across the UK. It has been developed for use on larger screens and for presenting snapshots to compliment wider location analytics projects.

Map Explorer is a great compliment to Location Spark which is a mobile centric, sales pattern prediction tool for any given postcode.

Data in the demo version of Map Explorer:

  • Demographics, classifications by postcode based on ONS Census Open Area Classification.
  • House Prices, adjusted average transaction price HM Land Registry Price Paid Data
  • Eateries, count of restaurants, food outlets, coffee shops and bars. Based on adjusted OpenStreetMap data.

Enjoy the exploration, and get in touch for more information on sources, methodology and customisation requirements.