Accelerate Innovation with Applied AI

Artificial intelligence brings together the best of data, maths and technology. AI is a key driver for strategic innovation. What better way to deliver process efficiencies and new opportunity discovery? At Algospark, we use “workflow mapping discovery” that allows us to pin-point exactly where organisations are likely to get most benefit from applied AI. We take the “AI Use Case Grid” below and tailor to specific industries so that we recommend the most appropriate and highest value-adding opportunities.

Our clients benefit from an extensive catalogue of existing frameworks and tools to help them fast track innovation projects using applied AI. Recent frameworks development include:

  • Retail and hospitality solutions (site selection and operational efficiency)
  • Vision solutions targeting compliance in advertising and labels
  • Proactive customer management
  • Dynamic pricing for fixed inventory (travel and hotels)
  • Machine reading to help discover and prioritise key findings.

More examples and more information on frameworks can be found here.

Innovation projects spanning opportunity identification and process efficiency will be key themes for development in 2022. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.