Clear Vision

Saving time and money with image review

Clear Vision Solutions

Algospark Clear Vision Is an automated image review and compliance framework. It reduces review time and stops wasted content production spend.

We help:

  • Legal teams responsible for image review and compliance.
  • Marketing teams developing new content.
  • Ad agencies delivering new campaigns.


  • Comply with standards
  • Consistent framework and remove subjectivity.
  • Reduce image review process time by 75%: For example, £40k of review time could be reduced by 75%, saving £30k.
  • Reduce wasted campaign spend: For example, if campaign budget is £1m and 30% of projects are not approved, Clear Vision could help reduce that £300k spend by 50% by stopping spend early. This would mean £150k savings on campaign spend.


Clear Vision Solutions has 3 distint service offerings:

  • Clear Vision Enterprise: supports multinationals managing content across multiple countries. It is fully customised to suit client demands. Clear Vision Enterprise is a web application and / or mobile application hosted and managed by Algospark.
  • Vision UK: supports companies evaluating compliance with UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rules. It is fully maintained and updated subscription service with no set-up costs. Vision UK has web and mobile versions available.
  • Vision UK Developer Edition: an API only version of Vision UK.

Clear Vision Solutions are delivered by Algospark, specialists in design and delivery of analytics and artificial intelligence solutions.

Clear Vision demonstrators from Algospark: