Core Insights

Core Insights allows Algospark clients to get more from data.

Many organisations know they have lots of data and also know they are not getting the most from it. Our Core Insights service maps together processes, roles, technology and data. This allows us to design and architect a prioritised data reporting roadmap. We then workshop the proposals with clients to help them on their data insights journey.

Core Insights has been successfully adopted by several government divisions, Virgin Atlantic and Pearson. We worked closely with stakeholders to ensure requirements aligned to the delivery of insightful dashboards. We also helped our clients data teams upskill and improve their competencies in dashboarding, data engineering and data analytics.

In essence, Core Insights designs and delivers dashboards to generate key insights quicker and easier. Core Insights consultancy is typically a 4 week engagement that brings together the best of business analytics and visualisation. We define a reporting roadmap and deliver the highest priority dashboards. Many clients also use Core Insights to identify and validate key opportunities for applied AI.


In the simple example below, we demonstrate how a chain of healthy foods stores in the UK can quickly pin-point changes in sales and gross profit across stores, categories, products. We use the visualisation flexibility and drill-through capabilties of Power BI. The dashboard shows a summary snapshot, sales decomposition, monthly change analytics and other metric dynamics. This is a small subset of capabilities and visualisations available using a public view of Power BI. Enhanced functionality available using Power BI Pro within your organisation includes suggestive automated report generation, the ability to directly question the data and automated alerts and flags. Get in touch to discover how we can help you benefit from Core Insights.

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