Applied AI in Finance

The finance sector covers a wide range of activities. Algospark has historically focused activities around asset management, however other areas can also benefit from applied AI to identify opportunities and better manage their processes.


Attracting clients, managing risk, ideas generation, compliance and operations are key challenges for investment management. The wide array of investment options, increasing competition and legal considerations make this a challenging sector.


Applied AI can help streamline client assessment and risk assessment so that a bespoke service can be offered faster and easier. It can also massively help with portfolio monitoring and risk detection. The same ability to automatically detect signals also provides opportunities for new idea generation and determining to which clients this is most likely to appeal. Report generation, compliance and operations is another large area of opportunity for applied AI.

Sales & marketing opportunities:

  • Investment idea / customer matching using cluster analytics
  • ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) mapping
  • Marketing channel / spend / effectiveness

Customer support opportunities:

  • Portfolio structuring and performance alerts
  • Automated report generation
  • Automated client support interventions

Operations support opportunities:

  • Detect outliers in trading / performance
  • Portfolio risk metrics monitoring
  • Automated regulatory compliance
  • Machine reading (natural language processing) for report quantification and importance prioritisation

Our Approach

Successful AI projects have clear specific goals. Algospark specialise in short, targeted projects that deliver clear business benefits. We work with our clients to scope, prototype, optimise, build and pilot. We are agile, fast to deliver and are a great addition to your internal teams.

Algospark Finance Solutions

Core Insights

Core Insights : Algospark Core Insights allows clients to get more from data. Many organisations know they have lots of data, but they also know they are not getting the most from it.

Xuuu Customer Insights Framework

Azure proactive customer management: a solution that predicts customer interaction needs, then prioritises and prescribes optimal interactions. Targets increased revenue per customer, increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in customer churn.

Device Mix

An automated report reading tool that maps report content, context and meaning. Helps users prioritise which reports to read (or not) and why. Helps identify and prioritise new opportunities, and save time reading reports with low relevance.

Bespoke Applied AI Solution Development

Bespoke Applied AI Solution Development : identifying challenges and opportunities in an organisation to then deliver innovative new services and process efficiencies using a mix of data, maths and technology.

Please get in touch to explore these ideas and opportunities further. We would love to hear from you.