Applied AI for Hotels


The hotel industry is on a strong recovery path following on from the impact of the pandemic. However there are challenges with demand forecasting, site selection and site portfolio optimisation, pricing, cost pressures and attracting back staff to the sector. There are also higher customer expectations and higher levels of feedback and comments posted on social media.


Improving customer experience is core for the hotel sector. Applied AI can help increase revenue opportunities and reduce costs. AI brings together the best from data, maths and technology to automate processes and make much better informed and consistent decisions. These opportunities include site optimisation, optimising pricing and revenue management for rooms, customer experience optimisation and operational efficiency, AI plays a key role in giving innovative hotels a competitive edge.

Our Approach

Successful AI projects have clear specific goals. Algospark specialise in short, targeted projects that deliver clear business benefits. We work with our clients to scope, prototype, optimise, build and pilot. We are agile, fast to deliver and are a great addition to your internal teams.

Algospark Solutions for Hotels

Core Insights

Core Insights : Algospark Core Insights allows clients to get more from data. Many organisations know they have lots of data, but they also know they are not getting the most from it.

Location Spark

Location Spark : a fast track decision support for new site investment. It allows easy interpretation of location data and store portfolio data to make expansion decisions.

Dynamic Pricing

Applied revenue management to optimise opening and closing of available pricing tiers. Targets 1-3% revenue uplift from optimising balance between increasing demand and increasing average sale price.

Automated Activity Tracking

Automated Activity Tracking is a suite of computer vision tracking solutions that capture activities in and around physical locations. It covers site activity, customer experience, display activity, production and labour activities.

Azure PCM

Azure proactive customer management: a solution that predicts customer interaction needs, then prioritises and prescribes optimal interactions. Targets increased revenue per customer, increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in customer churn.

Co-ordinated Customer Voice

Customer feedback framework that brings together disparate data sources and maps meaning to customer interactions to deliver actionable analysis and recommendations.

Bespoke Applied AI Solution Development

Bespoke Applied AI Solution Development : identifying challenges and opportunities in an organisation to then deliver innovative new services and process efficiencies using a mix of data, maths and technology.

Please get in touch to explore these ideas and opportunities further. We would love to hear from you.