Applied analytics and artificial intelligence solutions.


Algospark delivers applied analytics and artificial intelligence solutions. We bring together data, maths and technology to deliver insights, recommendations and value. This allows us to create innovative new services and improve business processes. Our expertise and wide range of existing innovative frameworks mean that we can quickly launch and iterate new solutions.

How we deliver success:

Challenges we solve:

Get More From Data Accelerate Innovation Process Efficiency

What we do:

We design, deliver and manage applied AI solutions that enable clients to get more out of data, accelerate innovation and realise process efficiencies. Through our research and development, we have developed frameworks that can be quickly adapted to new clients. In other situations, we respond to client needs and develop new innovative solutions. We have experience across numerous sectors but can apply our proven methodology across all sectors. We are an agile, expert organisation that deliver practical solutions with clear business benefits to our customers.


Algospark delivers a wide range of applied analytics and applied AI solutions spanning numerous industry sectors. We are fortunate to work with some of the larger national and global companies, government departments and agencies. We also work with many smaller companies who want to use data analytics and AI to innovate or improve processes.

Read some of our client success stories:

Pearson Social Kemistri Aqovia Cognitiv+ London Borough of Merton Melior Nebbia Staffordshire MHCLG Muzinich Ealing SONA Profin Partners Pernod Ricard Suffolk OZ Digital Consulting TBF Virgin Atlantic University of Southampton Guidesmiths Gail's The Chesterford Group Brighter Futures For Children Reading Council True Cue I Am Online Ab Inbev


We deliver solutions across numerous sectors.

Retail Eateries Hotels Airlines Manufacturing Telecoms Finance Creative Care


Our frameworks are used throughout various sectors to help organisations quickly implement innovative solutions to grow their business, drive efficiencies, improve customer service and employee satisfaction. Frameworks provide a fast track way to deliver applied AI solutions for our clients.

Location Spark

Location Spark

Location Spark is a decision support framework for new site investment. It predicts sales, store characteristics and trading patterns for site locations throughout the UK.

Automated Activity Tracking

Automated Activity Tracking

Automated Activity Tracking is a suite of computer vision tracking solutions that capture activities in and around physical locations. It covers site activity, customer experience, display activity, production and task activity measurement.

Vision Solutions

Images and Labels Compliance

Vision Solutions deliver image review and compliance solutions for advertising and labels.

Retail Cube

Sales Forecasting Frameworks

Retail Cube and Data Driven Hospitality are sales forecasting frameworks that optimise product level sales forecasting across ordering, production and staffing.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing Optimisation

Applied machine learning framework to optimise opening and closing of available pricing tiers. Targets 1-3% revenue uplift from optimising balance between increasing demand and increasing average sale price.

Proactive Customer Management

Azure Proactive Customer Management

A customer management solution that predicts customer interaction needs, then prioritises and prescribes optimal interactions. Targets increased revenue per customer, increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in customer churn.

Co-ordinated Customer Voice

Co-ordinated Customer Voice

A framework for co-ordinated customer voice that brings together disparate data sources, and maps meaning to customer interactions to deliver actionable analysis and recommendations.

Core Insights

Core Insights - Next Generation Analytics

Core Insights : Algospark Core Insights allows clients to get more from data. Many organisations know they have lots of data, but they also know they are not getting the most from it.

The above is a snapshot of our frameworks.

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We are a team of applied data specialists with expert skills spanning analytics, data engineering, data science, service design, finance and technology.

Darren Wilkinson

Darren Wilkinson, Data Scientist & Applied AI Specialist: expertise in strategy, corporate finance, technology and quantitative analytics. MSc Econometrics, CFA Charterholder, Microsoft Azure Data Scientist, Data Analyst and Data Engineer. Numerous programme management and data science certifications.

Michail Kritsotakis

Michail Kritsotakis, Data Scientist & Applied AI Specialist: expertise in research and quantitative analytics. PhD in Physics with numerous published papers in quantum physics. Microsoft Azure Data Scientist, Data Analyst and Data Engineer.

Jonatan Kawalek

Jonatan Kawalek, Data Scientist & Applied AI Specialist: expertise in quantitative analytics. MSc Scientific and Data Intensive Computing with First Class Degree in Physics. Microsoft Azure Data Scientist and Data Analyst.

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart, Data Scientist & Applied AI Specialist: expertise in quantitative analytics. MSc Data Science (Distinction) and BSc in Economics. Microsoft Azure Data Analyst.

Juliet Huggett

Juliet Huggett, Business Development Specialist: expertise in client and product management in applied technology and telecommunication solutions. BA(Hons) Economics, Chartered Institute Marketing Diploma.


Algospark is proud to be a Microsoft Global AI Inner Circle Partner, Power BI Solutions Partner, Data Analytics and Data Platform Gold Partner.

AI Inner Circle Power BI Partner Microsoft Gold Partner

Algospark forms part of the UK Government Dynamic Purchasing System for AI services run by the Crown Commercial Service, and holds Cyber Essentials certification. We also supported a client to become a finalist at the Legal Week British Legal Awards for Innovation through Technology.

Crown Commercial Service Cyber Essentials Legal Week British Legal Awards


We design, deliver and manage applied AI solutions that enable clients to accelerate innovation and realise process efficiencies. We begin from a user centric perspective, use a data driven design approach and then develop prototypes using a business agile process. We combine the best elements of service design, pragmatic data science and financial evaluation. Our expertise and wide portfolio of frameworks means that we can quickly launch and iterate new solutions.

How our services fit together

Our services have been developed to help accelerate time to value for clients. The best mix of Algospark services is dependent on clients requirements, data analytics capabilities and existing technology choices. Successful AI projects span a solution life cycle that covers discovery, design, build and operate phases. The Algospark solutions delivery map shows how our services map to the solution life cycle. It also shows typical delivery time frames and our flexibility regarding ongoing operation of AI solutions.

Solutions Delivery Map