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An automated advertising and marketing compliance framework helping large multi-national organisations. Using applied AI, it checks images against brand rules and international regulations in multiple languages. With a simple and easy to use interface, it uses leading edge algorithms to check compliance in a consistent and cost effective way.


  •  Legal teams responsible for advertising image review and compliance.
  •  Marketing teams developing new content.
  •  Ad agencies delivering new campaigns.


  • Check the right rules every time: product specific, code of conduct and regulation
  • Consistent decision making: get the same output irrespective of who has reviewed, under varying deadline pressure, from where and within which context
  • Time saving: 60-70% compliance checking reduction
  • Enabling compliance checks across the wider team: make preliminary compliance checks earlier and across Legal, Marketing, Content Creation & Operations.
    1. Catch bad early
    2. Reduces risk
    3. Reduces re-work (time and cost)
    4. Speed up decision making
  • Better content analytics: what is failing, why and how often.

How it works

The web based solution orchestrates a suite of leading edge AI algorithms. It includes generative AI (large language models), natural language processing, computer vision, classification, translation and text understanding. It has been built to scale using a micro-services design to facilitate a fast production ready AI service.

Quick and easy to results

Upload images to receive an automated compliance report in seconds. Ensures the right rules are checked and results summarised for easy verification, feedback and sharing.

Comprehensive compliance decisions library

Easily search, review and share your library of compliance reports and decisions.

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