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AI powered applications help organisations deliver more efficient processes. Machines are excellent at detailed routine processes. However, they are still no substitute for highly skilled staff. Bringing together data, maths and technology allows the machines to process routines and checklists. It “removes the boring” and allows staff to focus on more engaging and rewarding work where their skills are best put to work. We work with clients to map processes, data and technology so that we can build more effective and more efficient systems. We do this by combining techniques such as generative AI, machine reading, computer vision, classification, advanced forecasting and recommendations.

Examples of AI powered applications

  • Sales forecasting and ordering: x% sales uplift through improved product availability,
    y% waste reduction and z% ordering time reduction
  • Proactive customer management: x% reduction in churn and y% increase in
    customer satisfaction
  • Learner drop-out prediction tool: preventing x% of drop outs.
  • Predictive maintenance tool: saving x% through removal of unnecessary
  • Care plan assessment tool, x% reduction in assessment costs
  • Network expansion tool based using location analytics. Average new site sales uplift
    of x%.
  • Production planning tool: x% increase in product availability and y% increase in staff
  • Fraud detection, x% elimination of fraud costs

Who it helps

  • Organisation or division leaders looking to drive a data driven innovation agenda.
  • Operations teams seeking process efficiencies and innovative new ways of working.
  • Marketing, Planning and Analytics teams.
  • IT and technology teams looking to accelerate delivery.


  • Better customer experiences.

  • Products and services with higher levels of efficacy and efficiency.

  • Superior business decision making (using predictive and prescriptive analytics).

  • Employees that focus on more exciting and more productive work.

  • More efficient interaction with suppliers and other stakeholders.

  • Self-learning systems that improve over time.

  • Competitive advantage.

What we do

  • Work with stakeholders to derive requirements

  • Design and deliver early prototypes for piloting

  • Develop and deliver solutions

  • Manage and support if necessary

How we deliver

Applied AI rarely relies on a single model that is off-the-shelf and ready to go. We design, deliver and manage applied AI solutions that enable clients to accelerate innovation and realise process efficiencies. We begin from a user centric perspective, use a data driven design approach and then develop prototypes using a business agile process. We combine the best elements of service design, pragmatic data science, software development and financial evaluation. Our expertise and wide portfolio of frameworks means that we can quickly launch and iterate new solutions.

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