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Vision UK is an image review and compliance tool tailored for the UK advertising market. It uses sophisticated algorithms to check images and text against UK advertising rules that are relevant to your industry sector. We are currently beta testing and seeking new clients ahead of a launch later in 2022.
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We help

  •  Legal teams responsible for image review and compliance.
  •  Marketing teams developing new content.
  •  Ad agencies delivering new campaigns.


  •  Comply with standards
  •  Consistent framework and remove subjectivity.
  •  Reduce image review process time by 75%.
  •  Reduce wasted campaign spend.

How does it work?

Using a web browser or our Microsoft PowerApp, upload your image and select your industry sector. The tool checks the image against UK advertising rules. It brings together a suite of natural language processing, computer vision and classification algorithms. It has been built to scale using a micro-services design with containers to facilitate a fast production ready AI service.

Free trial

We are looking for clients to help us test ahead later this year. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Are you a multinational organisation?

Algospark has already developed bespoke image compliance tools for global organisations that need to check images and labels against complex international regulations and their own specific branding rules in multiple languages. Please see: Clear Vision

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