Applied AI drives your innovation and transformation agenda

7 May 2023

What is applied AI to you?

Applied AI drives innovation in organizations. It identifies new opportunities and drives process efficiency.

We are sure you have heard every "new AI expert" wax lyrical about the benefits of Chat GPT and large language models. But this is just one example of applied AI and how it accelerates new content creation, coding and document writing. The potential for wider applied AI spans all areas of business operations. Where should you start?

Business leaders and transformation experts should be focused on how the power of data can drive innovation in your business. Your data and how you use applied AI is your route to business advantage and business value.

Applied AI is becoming more and more entwined with business transformation. After all, any business transformation not focused on opportunities for applied AI and new ways of working is really not that transformative.

OK, so what does this mean? How do we get started?

We are Algospark, a team of data and business transformation experts committed to helping businesses get the most out of applied AI. We prioritise where businesses will get the biggest beneftis first and then design solutions to use cutting-edge techniques to unlock insights and optimize decision making. We will help you move from using data to report what has happened, to using data to predict what will happen and what to do about it. We will also use your data to help you fast track new opportunity development.

We focus on traditional "tabular data sources" such as sales, customer interactions, suppliers, employees and other operational interactions. We also focus on applied AI for document understanding and image understanding to derive new sources of data and therefore new sources of advantage. Using natural language processing and computer vision means not only enabling new data sources but can also save time by removing manual data validation and data entry.

We know that getting the most of data can be challenging, which is why our team is here to help. We'll work with you to scope early business cases, develop tailored solutions and provide ongoing support. Our team has deep business transformation experience and deep data sciences expertise so that together with our clients we can design and deliver a roadmap of applied AI and successful business transformation.

Get in touch to discuss how we link innovation, business transformation and applied AI to drive value for your organization!

7 May 2023

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