Drive benefits from Automated Advertising Compliance

19 January 2024

Do you work in a busy marketing or legal team in the food, drink, retail or healthcare sector? Are you interested in reducing tedious checking processes and focus on fast track compliance verification?

Benefits from automated advertising compliance:

  1. Check the right rules every time: product specific, code of conduct and regulation
  2. Consistent decision making: get the same output irrespective of who has reviewed, under varying deadline pressure, from where and within which context
  3. Time saving: 60-70% compliance checking reduction
  4. Enabling compliance checks across the wider team: make preliminary compliance checks earlier and across Legal, Marketing, Content Creation & Operations.
    1. Catch bad early
    1. Reduces risk
    1. Reduces re-work (time and cost)
    1. Speed up decision making
  5. Better content analytics: what is failing, why and how often.

Get in touch to discuss how we automate advertising compliance.


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