Gail’s Bakery: 101 of New Site Selection

3 November 2022

We are delighted to celebrate the milestone of Gail’s Bakery opening their 101st site in Brunswick Place!

Algospark began working with Gail’s Bakery four years ago when they had 35 sites. Finding new sites used to take a significant amount of management, analysis and review time. 

We worked closely with the Property team to develop a framework that predicts sales at new sites by combining trading data with data sets spanning economic, demographic, competition and locations specific factors. We delivered a web based tool that relies on several applied AI models to forecast sales for any location in the UK. It also generates a prioritised list of locations for proactive site search, ie an expansion plan. This means the Property team have a clear plan for target sites, and can easily review reactive opportunities. 

We are proud to support Gail’s Bakery with their successful expansion plan.

“Algospark work with us to deliver a data driven approach across numerous areas of our business including acquisitions. We use the bespoke site analytics tool as the baseline for new site evaluation, which we then hone within the local area. This has had a great track record and underpins our new site investment decision making process. Brett Parker, Property Director.  

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