Unraveling value with applied AI

7 November 2023

Do you manage finance or analytics? Produce a multitude of reports and dashboards with different perspectives on your business? Have a team of analysts maintaining and trying to extract insights across multiple reports? Sounds like you need to move to next generation analytics and applied AI.

Using linked datasets and predictions can help you quickly identify what is an outlier (or exception), how far it is from an expected value and then how much resolving the issue is worth to the organisation.

Linking datasets to allow drill through reporting dramatically reduces the number of reports and creates the basis for quality data investigation and interrogation. Using applied AI to derive predictions and then prescriptive actions (recommendations) helps define the value of outliers, how to prioritise them and what to do to resolve them.

We have used this approach at Algospark across various industries ranging from airlines to social care to retailers. Unraveling value by identifying outliers and recommending remedies is a key driver behind next generation analytics, ie empowering your staff to get more from your data and systems.

Get in touch with us to help your unravel value from your data and empower your staff with next generation analytics.


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