Vision for vision

6 February 2023

Our vision for vision is to develop automated computer vision solutions to drive value for legal, marketing and content creation teams.

Do you work in food, drinks, healthcare or life sciences? Do you spend lots of time preparing and checking marketing content? Algospark Image Compliance solutions are for you. We deliver value from content consistency, content re-use, a reduction in review time and stopping bad content early.

We use computer vision and natural language processing to automate image review. Our approach enables consistency, quality and removes the mundane. We invest a significant proportion of our research and development into image compliance solutions.

Algospark Vision development roadmap:

  • Add new rules and mappings for new markets and new sectors
  • Model augmentation and development of new models
  • Expanded automated meta-tag generation
  • Automated image comparison and similarity metrics
  • Quality augmentation using multi-modal AI
  • Automated image generation

We are excited about vision! Get in touch to discuss how we can deliver our vision to drive value for you.


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