Compliance solutions saving time and improving consistency at Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard was formed in 1975 from a merger of two French anise-based spirits companies. It is now one of the leading global wine and spirits groups with over 240 premium brands available in over 160 countries.


Pernod Ricard have a large portfolio of products that are sold around the world. There are numerous advertising campaigns to support sales and marketing activities. Pernod Ricard has its own brand guidelines and must also comply with local market advertising regulations. Marketing teams and legal teams work together to ensure that advertising imagery meets all the relevant criteria. A substantial amount of time was spent with image compliance process across marketing and legal teams. Image approval was manual, time consuming and subjective. Approvals could differ by person due to differing opinions. In addition, given the complexity of different rules across different markets, it was very easy for errors in applicable rules mapping to creep into the process.

Launching with a campaign that does not comply with requirements can be costly in terms of wasted marketing campaign spend and reputational damage. Pernod Ricard were looking for a consistent automated way to perform advertising imagery checks across all relevant requirements.

They also faced similar challenges with checking compliance on product labels. Each product and market has detailed requirements for what should appear on a label.


Algospark provided the initial project design and then were shortlisted along with three other providers to develop an image compliance tool. Pernod Ricard chose Algospark to design and implement a review tool for 5 core markets. The tool was simple to use, web based solution that allowed users to upload images and quickly see results of image compliance checks for all relevant rules for specific markets. The initial development was followed by a pilot by key teams, and then further development to include rules that cover compliance across 50+ markets.


  • A consistent automated advertising image review process.
  • Significant image review time savings.
  • An increase in campaign spend efficiency.
  • A prize for “innovation through technology” in legal from Legal Week.

Success in evaluating advertisements led to development of a labels compliance tool. The focus was initially on drinks into European markets, ensuring compliance with product contents, alcoholic drink regulations, position and size of text and appropriate logos.

“Managing image compliance was time consuming. The tools that Algospark developed saved us time and improved the consistency of our decisions.”

Timiko Cranwell, Head of Legal Global Travel Retail, Pernod Ricard.

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