29 January 2019

Fun in the Playground

Why write a blog about how to build a neural net classifier when you can visualize how it works in the awesome …
24 January 2019

Value from Verbatim

Want to reduce complaints, focus on customer priorities and reduce churn? You can do this by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and …
16 January 2019

Premier League AI

Football is predictable? We are predicting that Arsenal win the Arsenal v Chelsea fixture this weekend. We use an ensemble of three …
22 November 2018

AI Innovation Hubs - Bridging the Gap Between Opportunity and Action

Data is everywhere, the insights are exciting and it can power the next generation of systems investment. This is the accepted wisdom, …
5 August 2018

Crime Predictor

Looking to take your cycle to work? Buying a new house? Worried about your walk to work? Take a look at the …
14 June 2018

New Radical Empiricism

The new age of computing and data has unleashed a whole new approach to scientific discovery. I was lucky enough to spend …
15 April 2018

Crime Pays!

Algospark has just released Crime Explorer which is an interactive crime exploration tool for the UK. Developed for use on desktops, it …
15 March 2018

Map Explorer for Location Analytics

Map Explorer is a free visualisation tool for UK wide views of key location metrics. The demo version includes data on …
14 February 2018

Launching Location Spark

Location Spark is a new service from Algospark. Location Spark provides location analytics for investment decisions in new retail sites. It is …
18 January 2018

Proactive Account Management with Churn Prediction & Recommenders

Proactive account management means that events and opportunities are predicted so that customer engagement and service offerings can be optimised. When implementing …
26 December 2017

Deep Neural Nets and Amazing New Image Generation

Deep learning networks are infamous for their ability to detect cats in images. Advances in computer vision and the application of Convolutional …
22 December 2017

Great service without the exploding product list

How can you offer great service without an exploding product list? Meeting an increasing number of customer needs from a growing list …
30 November 2017

Blogging, scraping, Google Analytics and traffic impact

Do you write a blog? How does it fit with your marketing and content strategy? How does your blog impact new traffic …
5 November 2017

Machine learning for new location selection

Location selection is key to offline business growth. A large amount of resource is usually involved with site screening, location visits, analysis, …
20 October 2017

Machines are not taking your analyst job!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not replace analyst roles. It adds to capabilities of analysts, and productivity of the wider team. Machines need …
27 September 2017

Your differentiation is your data

Sophisticated modelling can seem daunting for many organisations wanting to become data centric. Do you have huge databases full of data with …
15 September 2017

Hello World!

Starting out on the Algospark blog.
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